Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Property House Prices Future 2013 rent accomodation

Property House Prices rental property Future 2013 

We continue to believe that the market will soften in most areas towards the end of the year. Fewer homeowners are likely to put their properties up for sale. Media and property prices reports of the market getting worse

Buyers will stay where they are, forcing desperate sellers to drop their prices or sell via auction.
Looking towards the future, 2013 is critical for the property markets. Six years into the credit crunch, double dip recession is going to deepen or will we see recovery. The key fact is that we have to accept the situation and work towards lower pricing to capture buyers attention. Potential buyers (first time buyers) are staying put in rental property /accommodation.
2013 we will also see if the new government schemes which were introduced in 2012 will have any impact on the market. However unless buyers are feeling confident about stepping onto the property ladder and are keen to take on the responsibility of owning a property during a depressed market..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, prices are likely to fall further.
Property Rents are on the rise, demand in the rented residential property is on the up, with more tenants than properties available.
If you have a vacant property and seeking tenants then do let us assist you. We work towards your satisfaction but keep to mind that lowering demand brings happiness and the yellow brick road pointing towards recovery. Landlords its your domain for now but remember the more you demand the more you will lose in the long run.


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