Thursday, 9 June 2011

Property Prices UK will they go UP or come Down?

Property out look UK

House price will rise soon.

Property owners are confident prices will rise in the coming years.
Brand new survey concluded by Your Move (estate Agency firm) says that 80% of property owners expect house prices to rise during the coming 5 years. Only 11% fell that the prices will decline further.

In our opinion London seems to be the best place to buy as far as the property prices are concerned.

10% deposit would get you a mortgage in 1996 for your first home.
5% deposit would get you a mortgage in 2006 for your first home.
20% deposit plus a clean as you like credit rating would get you a mortgage in 2008.
And no one earning fewer than 22k per year would be considered seriously.

House prices are still dropping towards affordability brackets and in our opinion will drop a further before they stabilise.

Property ownership and perhaps its value will slump, if I may use this word to around 60% before it can even begin to show rigidity.

Strict lending statutes and massive deposits instigating lose of interest in investing in property is strangling Britain. 
We all need to start selling property to make Britain Great again but the big question is HOW.
If we can solve the how, we then can solve the economy.
London is the only place which shows promise and holds the property prices to a degree of stableness. Rental market is pushing up the returns but a normal person along with the government (local) is unable to support this upwards trend and hence the affordability clause comes into play.
The bottom line is that we need to start selling cheap and buy cheap but then the big question becomes what is cheap?

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