Thursday, 27 October 2011

buy to let landlord will demolish the recession

Buy To Let Investor To Rescue Us (UK) And Blow the recession away.

This, the ultimate solution to a bigger problem (recession) then you can imagine eye balls us in the face.
Unless you accept the fact (do not care), we will all be speaking a different language soon, unless we do some think to put a stop to it, war is not the answer or perhaps it is.
Our war is with out sweet Landlords, stop this one way NOW.

Is this the answer?

Well, (not the water well) buy to let is certainly attracting people with ambitions, they know what they want and they want to be a Landlord.

The attraction has to be low interest rates, low prices and demand for accommodation with higher demands for monthly rent. (as much as you can get)

Normal people are not able to invest in property due to the financial situation coupled with the fear of losing their job, nor do they have the time to read the news papers and study situations via other means of information. As they say knowledge is king, the smart people who have all the time in world to read, study situations and sum up conclusions to hit bulls eye.
These are the Landlords the ones with a little spare cash to invest, my god are they investing via buy to let.

Look we don`t mind people investing in property but we do mind when they demand higher rents to double/triple there returns, we do not call these people smart they are the ones who are money motivated, hook or by crook they want more for less.

Every one wants more for less I here you say, well ok.

We say Landlords should invest in people also, at least refund one months rent to the tenant if not two months a year, so they too can enjoy and spend to help the financial situation all around.
Landlords should think of this as a further investment, helping towards raising property prices once again.

Here is a simple rule for our sweet Landlords, the ones who are able to conclude that it certainly is a good Idea to put a little money back into Britain`s pocket to help the property market back on its feet.

The rent you demand should certainly exceed your purchase and costs by max 25% only for now.

Lower rents attract better tenants putting money back into peoples pocket during tough times acclaims huge respect, do the right thing Landlords think of people before yields.

                                           Its time for, get 12 months for the price of 11.

The only thing which works is that successful companies/landlords focus less on perks and more on offering something better: a bonding connection to improve the overall condition in uplifting a condition when it requires uplifting. The condition that requires uplifting is here in reality, so do the correct thing go for gold and take the double number one. Trust me it will work.
If you have not seen the light yet, then you may never see it or find a situation that really deserves uplifting, its now or never. Help every one to swim out by investing in yourself for a brighter future, a future that may well deliver its ultimate yield.  

                                         All this gearing up people towards 10% yields is nonsense.

Well look Landlords............... why not switch your home utilities or business, we will save at least 10% guaranteed on your utility bills for a full year. Giving you the tools to pass on the savings to your wonderful tenants this Christmas.
                        Do it on line now, Switch,  it really would be silly, not me do it now.


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