Saturday, 19 November 2011

50% off Houses- Sale now on for the Council Tenants.

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Property/Housing Market
It is being argued that the council houses should be put on sale.
Its is being said that the council tenants will be presented with this fantastic offer to kick (Rugby style) start the British economy.
If I were you I would apply for a council house today and switch your utility energy communication supplier via , we present you the best on the market, we don`t say this, its the Which Magazine guys, they say it.
What we say is to abolish the council tax for council tenants rather then this 50% off ... as you all know we like it 100% off or nothing.
The issue is 50% or 100% which one would you prefer? (don`t laugh please)
We say that the private housing market should do something for their audiences for example buy one get one free, Asda/Tesco and many others present this option but its still 50% off. The major question is how can we get them to take off 100% to spectacularly electrify the atmosphere.
You see the ice is made via electricity, the heat melts the ice which causes the greenhouse effect.If there is more heat then ice then the equilibrium needs restoring, having it 100% off will deliver electrifying effect and hence restoring the equilibrium. so the answer is to electrify the atmosphere by having if off 100% or at least creating a medium to achieve this.
They are saying that the GP will be unable to write a sick note for us in the future meaning we will have to work to pay our rent to our sweet landlords. Whom we can only request to start letting property for 12 months for the price of 11 months to help electrify the atmosphere.
GP`s will only be able to write a sick note for individuals who are diagnosed with CANCER and indeed they should. Being under stress and depression is CANCER and we request our GP`s to diagnose this condition as cancer to further electrify the atmospheric conditions.
Property market is not going anywhere for the moment as the equilibrium is under a savoir attack and melting the ice. Lets all do what we suggest here and make more ice, we can all then practice in breaking The ice in a manner that is acceptable and hilarious. For example - This male sees a beautiful female standing at the bar, he gets a glass full of ice cubes, stands close to her, drops the ice cubes on the floor in front of her and then starts to stamping (treading) on them. She is curious and asks what on earth are you doing?
He replies by saying "Breaking the ice what else".

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